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Chris and Kristian - Canada 2017 Chris and Kristian Canada 2017
Jorg Schlagheck - Destination Canada 150 Jorg Schlagheck Destination Canada 150
Jane Weller - No Limits Jane Weller No Limits
Maggie and Wally's - Wild Ride Maggie and Wally Wild Ride
Hailey Hewstan - Spinach and Spokes Hailey Hewstan Spinach and Spokes
Haley Guest - Onward & Inward Haley Guest Onward & Inward
Anne Thomas - Cycle Cross Canada Anne Thomas Cycle Cross Canada
Hélène and Daniel - Eastward to "The Rock"! - Part 2 Hélène and Daniel Eastward to "The Rock"! - Part 2
Jonathan Perritt-Mo'ungaloa - Cycle for Eco-Refuge Jonathan Perritt-Mo'ungaloa Cycle for Eco-Refuge
Amrit Baral and Ajit Baral Amrit Baral and Ajit Baral Brothers on world bicycle tour to protect environment, fight HIV/AIDS
Pierre and Claudette - French Frogs on the Road Pierre and Claudette French Frogs on the Road
The Rurus The Rurus Kiwi Minimalists
Eileen Zheng Eileen Zheng Gift From Within Tour
Kelly and Michael Kelly and Michael Cycle Trekkers
Michael Woods Michael Woods Out of Shape Bike Ride
Alex Loewen Alex Loewen Fun Incorporated
Claire, Julie and Nina Claire, Julie and Nina Nurses Cycle Canada
Andrew Dickson Andrew Dickson Cycling Across Canada
Ken McCarty Ken McCarty 2016 Bike Canada
Leah Breuer Leah Breuer Cycling Solo
Patrick Arnell Patrick Arnell Ride for Sustainable Communities
Josef Kvita, Frédéric Benoist, Guido Pfeiffermann Josef Kvita, Frédéric Benoist, Guido Pfeiffermann Footbike 4 Everyone
Rachel and Andrew Rachel and Andrew Cross Canada Cycle
Jess Jess Jess Bikes Canada
Michelle and Nathan Michelle and Nathan Ride On! Cycling Across Canada for Crohn's
John Burt John Burt Cross-Canada 2016 - 2 Months 10 Provinces
Valérie and Mathieu Valérie and Mathieu Les Escarmots - Communiquer le Voyage
Bill Brooks Bill Brooks Too Old To Know Better
Markus Pukonen Markus Pukonen Routes of Change
Hyla and Kristen Hyla and Kristen Chais and Chains
Liz Brenchley Liz Brenchley Across Canada by Bike
Troy Dowhaniuk Troy Dowhaniuk Projects That Matter
Hélène and Daniel Hélène and Daniel Canada By Bike - Part 1
Nick Foley Nick Foley Move For Inclusion
Mary Fehr and Sarah French Mary Fehr and Sarah French Bike to GROW
Jean-Raphaël Frydman Jean-Raphaël Frydman Life Science to Information Security
Alisha Fung Alisha Fung Wayfaring On Wheels
Farha Hafsaoui Farha Hafsaoui Farha Biking Across Canada
Felix Ihlefeldt Felix Ihlefeldt Cycling Traveller
Sandrine Laporal Sandrine Laporal My Happy Canada Tour
Ben Last Ben Last Ride for River Woods
Sarah and John Pruyn Sarah and John Pruyn G20 Justice Ride
MacKenzie Lucas MacKenzie Lucas Pedal Towards the Cure
Brittany Martell Brittany Martell Doing Things!
Lori White Lori White Riding Away Stigma
Laurence Pelletier Laurence Pelletier Bike Roadtrip - QC to NFLD [Video]
Chris, Mark and Melanie Chris, Mark and Melanie Crossing Canada
Clif and Susan Clif and Susan Going Nowhere Fast
Dan McGuire Dan McGuire Dad's Inspirational and Slightly Crazy Cycling Journey
Graeme Loader Graeme Loader Compelling Imagery
Guillaume Moshi Guyader and Oanh Nguyen Guillaume Moshi Guyader and Oanh Nguyen We CANCERvive!
Jacob Quiring Jacob Quiring In This Place
Brandon Smith Brandon Smith Biked for Big Brothers Big Sisters
Maarten Vanhaverbeke Maarten Vanhaverbeke Bicycle Wanderings
Shannon Hutchison and Caley Fox Whomp Nation: 1 Big Country, 2 Tandem Bikes, Millions of Amazing Strangers
Randy Houk Nothing Better to Do
Sydney Helland Viking Biking
Lorraine Lambert Cycling Canada in a Skirt
Deanna Just Ambling
Joe Oster Jobert Adventures
Jill and Robert We Are Water
Scott Kemp Ride Canada
Angelo, Ally and Olmo Wheels Are Taking Us Away
Joe Gabriel Cycling for Canada
Tami Reinhart Tami Cycles Canada
Shane and Lisa Worman and their two sons, Joel and Eric Cross Canada Trip 2013
Adi Coventry-Brown Vespa Chick goes round the World
Niel "The Wheel" Coventry-Brown A desire to experience the world by Bicycle
Brian Cameron Hustle for the Heart
John Desborough My Cross- Canada Bicycle Ride Adventure 2013
Peter Marshall The Autoimmune Expedition
Dino Rock Adventures on Two Wheels
EPIC Riders Helping [E]xploited [P]eople [I]n [C]ambodia
Jackie and Jesse The Arbutus Trillium 2013 Bicycle Tour
Patrick Evox Across Cacnada
Curtis Anderson Half of Canada and MORE
Sarah Moliner-Roy, Arthur Omont, Clément Moliner-Roy Ding ding ding... making our way across Canada!
Sebastian Farias Where is Seb?
Sam Edwardes and Cory Babiak All Adventure is Good
Peter Harvey Tour
Gary Young Ride Canada
Joey, Max and Ira 8000 KM for Easter Seals
Jamie Courtorielle Riding 4 Mentors
Marissa Zurba MLZbikescanada
Andrew and Mel Bike Trip Across Canada
Brad & Mary A bike adventure eh?
Alex & Vanessa Ride for Rehab
Marc Latremouille A Cross Canada Bike Trip
Brian Eley Bike Canada
Glen Peters Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Jeff & Ian Bike Across Canada
Martin Pilar Going the Distance for Mental Health!
Shaun Cycle Tour Across Canada
Paul Stockton Across Canada Without Tim
Bryan Thorp Biking Across Canada Coast to Coast 8500 KM
Thomas and Emily Cycling Across Canada
Devon Flynn Devon's Cross Canada Bike Trip
Peter Freeman Bicycling Across Canada
Josephine & Derrick Experiencing the Maple Leaf
Phil Trans-Canada Bike Bicycle Tour
Kylie & Jason Bike Across Canada for Aids
Janice Kenyon Bike Ride with a Twist
Andrew Ross Cycling Across Canada
Mike Beauchamp The Cross Canada Project
Jan Christensen Across Canada on a bike
Anita Mac Cycling Across Canada
Bike Across Canada 2003
Nick Mercer Detour: Cycling, Coma and Living with a Brain Injury
Ted Bullock To Cross Canada
Buddy & Joel Cross-Canada Bike Trip
Mark Tanner The Great Canadian Bike Trek
Pre 2000
Nobuhiro Canada, 1998
Dave Shipley Bike Trip, 1984
World Tours
Friedel & Andrew Travelling Two
Tara and Tyler Going Slowly