Wind Information

Wind direction is critical for a good or bad day in the saddle. Canadian wind patterns generally flow up from the south and push west or east.

In Alberta - Chinook winds and Alberta weather

Having the wind with you can mean an extra 10km. On the flip side, a strong headwind can mean a 10km day total. The common belief is that prevailing winds go West to East. But that is not true. Not on a bicycle. For example:

  • Wind direction in the Rockies change day to day
  • Chinook winds occur over the winter and die out around Calgary
  • Prairies wind either blows up southwest or southeast (ref)
  • The Great Lakes Region has wind going every which way (ref)
  • Wind generally flows South-West down the St Lawrence River (ref)
  • Maritime winds come up South-West (Boston's weather 2-3 days later)

Canada Daily Wind Speed Forecast

Canadian Weather Data
Weather at current location, alerts and historical data..

US Wind Map
In real time that shows the crosswinds coming from across the border, Wind Map.

Global Wind Patterns
Globe showing wind patterns across the earth. Double-click on the globe to zoom in over North America to see wind patterns. Earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions.